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Sustainability Takes on a Profitable New Look and Feel

Contacts: Mary Rose, NBIS 425-828-0982


Newly redesigned NBIS website is a catalyst for promoting profitable, eco-friendly business strategies

(Seattle – March 17, 2009) – Kirkland, WA. – The Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability (NBIS) today formally launched their redesigned web site (www.nbis.org). The site enhances the organization’s ability to share best practices on developing profitable, environmentally-friendly businesses and support its growing community of member companies.

The NBIS member community is passionate, pragmatic, and innovative. Committed to collaboration, the energetic group has stories and best practices to share that can help professionals at all levels build thriving companies, communities and ecosystems. The new site supports these goals with expanded NBIS program information, profiles of member businesses, a richer array of promotional opportunities, a continually updated event calendar, and a lively member news room.

Designed and implemented by Rhizome Design, the new site reflects the NBIS organization’s focus on sustainability in its visual design and its technical implementation. The new NBIS logo ties together two-toned green leaves and the rich blue of the sunlit sea—an image of global renewal. The vibrant colors flow throughout the site. Sustainability is also woven into the site implementation. Frequently updated sections are powered by a simple database, making the site easy to maintain. Fresh design is comfortably married to fresh, sustainable information.

“Rhizome helped us deepen our understanding of how our site could more organically reflect our mission and improve our results. We love the energy that the site conveys. It’s a great reflection of our passion for sustainability as a life-changing business strategy.” said Mary Rose, co-director of NBIS.

The Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability (NBIS) was founded over five years ago with the help of an interdisciplinary group of individuals that shared a vision for a new organization that would bridge the private and public sectors to meet the unprecedented challenges and opportunities we face today.

NBIS members and leadership board are dedicated to helping companies make the transition from old take-make-waste models to new paradigms of resource efficiency and social and environmental responsibility.

NBIS offers opportunities for people to meet and learn from each other, to collaborate across sectors and industries, to gain training in new practices and approaches, and to benefit from world-class expertise that NBIS provides through consultation and coaching. NBIS programs inspire companies to reach beyond the limits of traditional models and to engage in turning the engines of industry toward problem solving and prosperity making for a new local and global economy.

About NBIS:
The Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability is a networking organization for sustainable business professionals and their companies in the Pacific Northwest. NBIS’ mission is to develop and support sustainable business practices through workshops, training, sustainability assessments and implementation strategies. NBIS provides recognition and support to companies and organizations that are setting the standard for sustainable business practices locally and globally. In addition to providing sustainability tools and strategies, NBIS is the lead organization for Salmon-Safe certification in the urban Puget Sound region and is a partner in developing By-Product Synergy NW, the region’s first actively facilitated wide-scale materials exchange program.

Media Contacts:
If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Karl Ostrom, Executive Director, please call Mary Rose at 425.828.0982 or e-mail Mary at maryr@nbis.org.