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Sustainability Champions Roundtable

The NBIS Sustainability Champions Roundtable is a membership-based, learning and action program for professionals who wish to accelerate their sustainable business leadership in the Pacific Northwest. With a combination of expert presentations and peer-to-peer exchange facilitated by NBIS, the roundtable offers a unique opportunity to gain insights about leading-edge trends and strategies, to address obstacles and to take action on new opportunities.


The NBIS Sustainability Champions Roundtable provides members with innovative practices in a business setting. Through the program, members are able to:

  • Participate  in  an  important  network  of  local  and  regional  peers,  learning  from  each  other  and  identifying shared opportunities;
  • Receive customized resources and expertise;
  • Build sustainability capacity internally in their companies;
  • Lead the wider community towards a sustainable future.


The  roundtable  includes  leading  and  learning  companies  from  a  diverse  range  of  industries  with  local,  regional,  and  global  presence. This diversity of companies helps increase the collective knowledge towards tackling challenges and finding unique solutions that work for each company’s sustainability profile. The format is designed to be highly participative and interactive with an emphasis on developing know?how and breakthrough strategies that are implementable.

Format and Themes

Meetings  are divided  into  Thought  Leadership  and  Learning  Practicum  segments.  The  Thought  Leadership  segment comprises  presentation and discussion of “breakthrough sustainability” frameworks. These future-focused strategies involve science-based targets, systems thinking, and innovative collaborations that move companies beyond incremental measures to increase both resilience  and  social,  environmental  and  economic  benefit.  The  Practicum  segment  includes  participant  presentations  and  discussion of case examples and strategies, navigating challenges, and sharing resources. Members meet monthly, with 6 month milestones for evaluation and further development.

Examples of themes include:

  • Understanding the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals and their relevance to company strategies;
  • Leveraging Supply Chains for enhanced impact;
  • Consumer Engagement – transparency, brand and education;
  • Zero Waste and Circular Economy.


Roundtable members are leaders in our region with talent and expertise honed within their respective companies. The roundtable offers  an  intimate  community  for  these  professionals  to  work  together  in  learning,  sharing  and  collaborating  to  advance  the  development and implementation of sustainability strategies in their companies and in the region. Participation is available to NBIS members at the Enhanced-level.


For more information about joining the Sustainability Champions Roundtable, please contact Mary Rose at maryr[at]nbis.org.

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