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NBIS’ diverse range of programs is focused on our mission to inspire, equip and collaborate with business to create a sustainable and equitable world. Our programs address key questions business leaders face in anticipating and managing the challenges of climate change and related social and economic disruption.

We enable members and participants to lead with vision and action by:

  • Supporting implementation of best practices within businesses;
  • Networking professionals across industries and providing resources and valuable connections;
  • Linking businesses with expertise and technical resources to support their endeavors;
  • Providing innovative opportunities for businesses to reach beyond themselves to leverage change in their industry or to contribute to significant regional challenges.

Workshops, Training and Forums:

NBIS’ forums, training programs and workshops provide in-depth training and create opportunities for peer learning and for professionals to deepen their expertise in particular application areas. Forums foster discussions of challenges and opportunities at the intersection of business, society and environment.

Membership and Networking:

NBIS provides opportunities for professionals to meet across industries and to share experiences and expertise. NBIS member companies are visible on our website and receive recognition for their work. NBIS staff and board seek opportunities to link members with one another to advance mutual goals.

Collaborative Initiatives:

An important component of NBIS’ activity and mission is to provide avenues for the private sector to positively engage with regional challenges.

  • By-Product Synergy NW convenes member businesses for exploration of materials and resource exchanges that save money, reduce waste and foster process improvements and discovery of new market opportunities. Though still in its first year of operation, this program is applauded for its contribution to reducing volumes of waste to landfill, hazardous waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions.
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Accelerating Sustainability Consultation Services

NBIS’ consultative engagement with company teams focuses on:

  • Green Team orientation and opportunity presentations and coaching.
  • Identifying the value proposition of initiatives for individual companies and organizations; providing industry intelligence and an overview of opportunities and best practices.
  • Conducting opportunity, impact and achievement assessments utilizing SCORE™ and other assessment tools as a foundation for strategic planning.
  • Planning, prioritizing and setting goals and establishing measurement systems for initiatives.
  • Coaching teams in the ongoing process of implementing programs, developing leadership training and company-wide educational programs as needed.
  • Providing consultation on implementation projects: e.g. life cycle assessment, procurement and supply chain programs, GHG and other benchmarking, stakeholder engagement and marketing and public relations.

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