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Meet Susan Dorsch and Jacob Sayles, June 13th at the Office Nomads’ Eco-Hour

Office Nomads emerged from founders Susan Dorsch and Office Nomads Susan & JacobJacob Sayles’ idea for a neighborhood based workspace that would foster co-working among Seattle’s nomadic workforce.  Susan met Jacob Sayles, who had been working on getting Office Nomads off the ground and the two began a working partnership that put them on the track to Office Nomads’ success.  According to Dorsch, the biggest concern was whether or not there would be sufficient interest in “working alongside one another and creating a community of independent workers.” The Office Nomads team was met with a pleasant surprise; “It surprises me every day how it not only got started, but flourished beyond my greatest expectations. I regularly hear from our members how much work they are able to get done or how they met people they never would have met otherwise. It never gets old for me to hear that.”

Office Nomads not only provides a physical location for co-working, but the opportunity to network with other Seattle professionals.  One project in particular that has developed from the unique environment is Cotivation. As Susan says, “It is an idea created by a great friend of mine who runs a co-working space in New York called ‘New Work City’. Part motivational accountability group, part support team, Cotivation is a structured group within Office Nomads designed to help members move forward on their goals, small & large. We meet once a week for 5 weeks to check in on our progress and have focused discussions. We’ve run one session so far, and are just getting started on the second session this week. It’s just in the early phases, but already members seem to be really into it. It’s one way that we are working to improve the quality of life for independent workers.”

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