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Nucor Steel

Nucor SteelNucor Steel is the largest producer of steel in the United States, and it is also world’s foremost recycler of steel. Nucor Steel Seattle is a proud member of the Nucor Bar Mill Group. Since 1904 our facility once proclaimed as “Seattle Little Pittsburgh” has continually strived to be the safest, community oriented, environmentally responsible, and profitable business we can be. As a member of a very carbon-intense industry sector, Nucor is keenly aware of its responsibilities regarding environmental protection. Issues concerning climate change and greenhouse gas emissions are of vital concern to the company. As a result, Nucor is a strong supporter of the U.S. Government’s Climate VISION program which seeks to voluntarily lower greenhouse gas emissions in the United States without sacrificing economic growth. In addition, Nucor continues to search for other ways to improve energy efficiency and to research and invest in new technologies that can facilitate further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from the steel making and recycling process. To assure that Nucor remains one of the safest, productive and environmentally conscious companies in the world, Nucor’s board regularly reviews management’s efforts to affect and respond to such issues through research, analysis, educational efforts and participation in business and governmental programs. Nucor Steel Seattle is a member of By-Product Synergy NW.