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Newground Social Investment, SPC

Newground’s mission is to harness the power of business for good — in service to our clients’ long-term financial needs as well as to the human yearning for strong and resilient communities, a healthy environment, and a robust, sustainable, and locally-determined economy.

For two decades, Newground Social Investment has provided clients with:

* Socially responsive (SRI* / ESG*) money management that integrates investment decisions with social concerns and personal or institutional values.
* Competitive financial returns along with positive social impact.
* Financial coaching and Life Planning that creates peace of mind, a sense of integrity, and financial security.
* Community investment for strong local benefits.
* Shareholder advocacy for transformation, transparency, and accountability.

Newground is proud to be the first company in Washington State to file as a Social Purpose Corporation since the legislature approved this new corporate entity. Please also visit Newground Social Investment’s shareholder focused company: Investor Voice SPC.