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Member Profile: Lacy & Par

Lacy and Par graphic

Lacy & Par is a locally-owned, mail and print service company, offering services in everything from traditional and digital format printing, to marketing and data management assistance, to direct mail design and fulfillment.


One does not usually think of printed content and direct mail as the cutting edge of marketing technology, especially in the age of social media and online advertising. However, Hsiao-Wen Lin, owner of Lacy & Par, makes a compelling case.

Social media communication, he says, is becoming increasingly insular—when we interact with others, it is generally only with people who already are located within our social network. Direct mail, on the other hand, offers an effective way for companies to reach people outside of their already established customer base. Lacy & Par helps their customers save resources and money, by working with them to select and build customized mailing lists that more effectively meet their marketing objectives. Their services also include managing their clients’ mailing lists and running them through a checking program that weeds out incorrect addresses and duplicates. Furthermore, direct mail is still a critical tool for governmental agencies, utility companies, health institutions and other organizations who need to be able to communicate important information so that it reaches all segments of the public including those who do not have or use e-mail.

Hsiao-Wen LinThroughout the process of equipping its customers with high-quality products and services that ensure a successful marketing experience, Lacy & Par is intentional about how it uses resources and energy. For Hsiao-Wen, “Being responsible in an industry that uses paper products as its primary resource makes it doubly important to make the right decisions.” Excitingly, the company recently received FSC Chain of Custody Certification, meaning that they exclusively use paper products that have been sourced from sustainably managed forests for all of their printing. They also work with toxin-free vegetable-based inks, produced from materials such as soybeans and linseed oil, and all of their newly acquired equipment is EnergyStar-certified for energy efficiency.

Additionally, Lacy & Par is deeply committed to its community and the people it employs. This is particularly evidenced by its impressively high worker retention rate with several employees possessing tenures of over 10 years. To Lacy & Par, it is all about providing excellent and responsible service to their community that goes above and beyond the industry standard.Lacy and Par logo


For more information about Lacy & Par, visit their website at www.lacypar.com.

Ridolfi Environmental, engineers with deep commitment to environment and peoples


Callie Ridolfi, President

Established in 1990, Ridolfi is an award-winning, small, woman-owned business that specializes in environmental engineering and scientific consulting. Ridolfi’s engineering team thrives on assisting clients in improving environmental quality, conserving resources and enhancing resilience using sustainable principals. (more…)

Veena Prasad and Project Feast

Veena 2

Veena Prasad

From working as a Project Manager at Proctor & Gamble to running Veena’s Market as a solopreneur, Veena Prasad has created a career out of challenging herself.  Project Feast, emerged from an application for a grant created only two days before the deadline.   The time constraint was no barrier to Project Feast; the idea quickly gained followers including Aparna Rae, Veena’s business partner who has over ten years of experience working with refugee communities in Chicago, Vancouver, and in Seattle.  “Project Feast was born from an understanding of what a perfect ‘job’ looked like to me.” Veena said recently. “I missed working with others and realized that I wanted to do something that had a positive impact on society.” Veena’s desire to do something positive has paid off in a big way and Project Feast has established itself as a social-impact non-profit aiming to help immigrant and refugee cooks find sustainable employment in the food industry through relevant job training programs. (more…)

Member Profile: Little Rae’s Bakery

Little Rae's BakeryLike a growing number of the population, founder James Morse is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and has been since he was a child. His allergy is so sensitive that he is unable to try most bakery products—even the smallest amount of residual nut can send him to the hospital. Most of the reactions suffered have been due to inadvertently touching some peanut or nut residue and then touching his mouth or eating something by hand like a bagel or slice of pizza. The point of contamination may have been as unthreatening as a doorknob that had recently been touched by someone who had eaten peanuts.

To improve their commitment to selling “Nut Safe” products, Little Rae’s Bakery eliminated all peanuts and tree nuts from their products and became a Nut Free facility in July of 2008. (more…)

Member Profile: Ingenium

Ingenium believes and has proven that IngeniumLogo_wTaghandling regulated waste in a manner that is environmentally sustainable is not just forward thinking; it makes good business sense as well. It’s that combination of practicality and vision that Ingenium brings to every client we serve. Our innovative approach is changing the dialogue on how hazardous, biological and radiological waste is handled. It goes far beyond disposal or incineration, all with processes that reduce cost, risk and liability. (more…)

Member Profile: Beneficial State Bank

Socially Responsible Banking for Sustainable Communities

Beneficial State Bank, FSB, focuses on economic and environmental sustainability and takes a triple-bottom-line approach to community and environmental banking. We believe that a healthy environment is necessary for economic prosperity. We also believe that we can be a catalyst for positive change in our communities by providing fair, transparent, and sustainable banking products and services.

Formed from the December 2010 merger between OneCalifornia Bank and ShoreBank Pacific, Beneficial State Bank is one of only 80 banks in the nation that is a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) by The U.S. Department of the Treasury. A certified CDFI is a specialized financial institution that works in market niches underserved by traditional financial institutions. CDFI certification is a designation conferred by the CDFI Fund and is a requirement for accessing financial and technical award assistance. Financial and technical assistance from the CDFI Fund can increase economic opportunity and promote community development investments for underserved populations and in distressed communities. (more…)

Member Profile: Mighty House Construction

Mighty-House ConstructionMighty House Construction was founded March 2009, when Doug Elfline, a third-generation remodeling and construction veteran with more than 20 years of experience, combined forces with his wife, Laura Elfline, a green building aficionado and business/marketing consultant. Despite having launched their business in the midst of a devastating economic downturn, Laura, Doug, and their team have made Mighty House Construction a success. (more…)

Member Profile: NRG Insurance

Sustainability is in the Company DNA

NRG Insurance is a brokerage and insurance agency with a history of successfully integrating sustainable business practices. The company is the first US brokerage to go carbon neutral and has been recognized over the years for reducing its impact on the environment, as well as fostering a healthy work-life balance for employees.

The NRG Insurance Smart CarAt NRG, sustainability is infused in all aspects of the business. As a Certified B Corp, NRG is committed to meeting specific objectives for a socially responsible business, taking employee, community, and environmental interests into consideration when making decisions. (more…)

Member Profile: Correctional Industries

A Culture of Sustainability

Sustainability and environmental awareness permeate everything we do at Correctional Industries. From selecting raw materials for our products to slimming business operations and carefully choosing the markets we enter, they are an integral part of CI’s culture.

Sustainable business practices converge naturally with Correctional Industries’ mission to rehabilitate offenders through job training and reduce Corrections’ reliance on tax dollars. Training in sustainable technology and lean manufacturing systems prepares offenders for work in a world increasingly focused on these important issues. In the process they also learn environmental ethics and business strategies. Meanwhile, sustainable practices multiply the effectiveness of every tax dollar, helping CI generate about $32.50 in benefits for every dollar in cost and contribute millions of dollars each year to Washington’s economy. (more…)

Member Profile: Glassworks

Architectural Art Glass

Luminescent, starfire counter with hand-polished edges

Glassworks combines the translucent properties of glass, the energy of design, and the focus of purpose to create one-of-a kind architectural works-of-art for commercial and residential settings. Glassworks transforms the visions of architects and designers into technically sound art installations that surround the senses and invite the eye to linger and enjoy. (more…)

Member Profile: Pangeality Productions

Len Davis

Len Davis

A long time ago, I embraced the advice to find something that I love and then find a way to make a living doing that. This is what I have done.  I’ve taken the creativity of filmmaking and photography, my commitment to social justice and environmental issues and working toward a better world, and my desire to be an entrepreneur, and created Pangeality Productions. (more…)

Member Profile: Sustainable Industries

PMI Stanley CupAt the turn of the century, a few years before words such as “green” and “eco” became ubiquitous and embraced by mainstream opportunism, business journalist Brian Back took a keen interest in the growing community of dedicated West Coast business leaders pioneering sustainable business practices. Unable to convince his former employer, a mainstream business publication, to provide adequate coverage of the burgeoning opportunity, Brian set up a series of meetings with several of those business leaders to brainstorm ideas. Soon after, Sustainable Industries was born.
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Member Profile: Rhizome Images

Robert Pennington“Environment is more than something that surrounds us,” says photographer Robert J. Pennington. “It is an interactive experience and what we bring away from it very much depends on what we bring to it.” As a photo-artist who has spent years photographing the outbacks and urban encroachments of the American landscape, Pennington’s work is the featured collection of Rhizome Images. An independent, stock photography resource dedicated to sustainable themes, the collection is driven by Pennington’s images of positive, negative, and alternative resource interactions. Offering rights-managed and royalty-free images of solar wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, mining and general power as well as landscapes, wildlife, architectural, business and botanical photos, Rhizome Images offers a rare opportunity to access more than 1,500 unique images for use in marketing, business, and fine art projects.
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Member Profile: PMI

PMI Stanley Cup

At PMI, we design, manufacture and market innovative food and beverage solutions designed for busy lifestyles. Our two most recognizable brands, Stanley and Aladdin, are both nearly 100 years old. By using advanced technologies, materials and research, we’ve extended these beloved brands into the future while remaining rooted in our past.
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Member Profile: Madres Kitchen

Madres  owners

These Mothers can Cook!

And we’ll make sure everyone has fun along the way. With our selection of intriguing menus created with the freshest, seasonal ingredients from local farmers, you know our food is going to be amazing. But successful catering is more than that! It’s our commitment to you, our community and the environment that make us unique. Our personalized service will ensure your event is exactly the way you want it – from start to finish. We’re here for you!
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Member Profile: Graphics Plus

 “Being responsible in an industry that uses paper products as its primary resource makes it doubly important to make the right decisions”.This understanding has given Graphics Plus a unique perspective on sustainable business practices. A one-stop, full service print shop, Graphics Plus is the perfect environment for small and large print runs and offers both traditional and digital formats, including large-format printing.

The “Plus” in our name refers to much more than printing on recycled papers with soy-based inks. It’s about all the little things we do that make us a sustainable company including:

    • Enjoying our work with non-profits and local businesses
    • Working closely with customers in the design stage to ensure printing success
    • Resourcing only the most appropriate green papers and printing with vegetable-based soy inks
  • Separating and recycling everything we can in our shop, including scrap paper and pad donations to local schools
  • Providing a living wage to our employees and building prosperity in our community
  • Acquiring one of the first chemistry-free computer to plate systems on the market (and our new digital printer has the highest rating for energy efficiency)
  • Offering NBIS Members a 10% discount on their next eco-friendly print job.

Graphics Plus

Graphics Plus is located in White Center, just around the corner from High Point, one of Seattle’s most progressive and environmentally-friendly communities. We offer craftsman quality offset and modern high-end digital printing. As responsible printers we employ practices that minimize harm to the environment and maximize printing perfection.

PMI  Stanley Cup

Traditional + Digital Printing

Stationery Systems + Programs + Annual Reports + Event Materials + Catalogues + Newsletters & Flyers + Direct Mail + Posters
Anything you can imagine