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Member Profile: Sustainable Industries

PMI Stanley CupAt the turn of the century, a few years before words such as “green” and “eco” became ubiquitous and embraced by mainstream opportunism, business journalist Brian Back took a keen interest in the growing community of dedicated West Coast business leaders pioneering sustainable business practices. Unable to convince his former employer, a mainstream business publication, to provide adequate coverage of the burgeoning opportunity, Brian set up a series of meetings with several of those business leaders to brainstorm ideas. Soon after, Sustainable Industries was born.

Over the next several years, our team of stakeholders at Sustainable Industries worked exceptionally hard to create a vibrant, award-winning media company that today serves as the only one of its kind: a fiercely independent, regional, advertorial-free B2B magazine, Web site and event series that reaches well beyond green to cover business and economic development through the lens of sustainability. Since the beginning, Sustainable Industries has transparently connected the dots between the environmental and social components of the region’s economy, just as we connect the dots between the most dynamic West Coast sectors to raise the stakes in a working definition of sustainable industries.

PMI Stanley CupSustainable Industries caters to sustainable business leaders on the West Coast, the most dynamic region of the world for sustainable business innovation, and beyond. Our growing community of thought leaders has been fostering the innovations chronicled in Sustainable Industries for many years, and as such we are able to offer a more sophisticated dialogue and higher level of analysis than can be found in other media outlets covering similar topics. It is not the goal of Sustainable Industries to trawl the media ocean for eyeballs, nor to pander to lurid curiosity. We serve a very focused audience that includes “top of the pyramid” business executives, entrepreneurs, MBA students and thought leaders with truly independent analysis, indispensable tools, and a refreshingly authentic voice. These are the senior-level business leaders making decisions that are changing the course of history. Some facts and figures:

  • More than half are President/Owner or Senior Management.
  • 85% report a strong level of influence in their business or organization.
  • Most rate Sustainable Industries as their No. 1 business source for sustainability news and analysis.
  • A large number say they read Sustainable Industries “cover to cover.
  • Top categories for audience purchasing include marketing and PR services, clean energy, green building products and services, office supplies, real estate, financial services and legal services.