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Member Profile: Rhizome Images

Robert Pennington“Environment is more than something that surrounds us,” says photographer Robert J. Pennington. “It is an interactive experience and what we bring away from it very much depends on what we bring to it.” As a photo-artist who has spent years photographing the outbacks and urban encroachments of the American landscape, Pennington’s work is the featured collection of Rhizome Images. An independent, stock photography resource dedicated to sustainable themes, the collection is driven by Pennington’s images of positive, negative, and alternative resource interactions. Offering rights-managed and royalty-free images of solar wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, mining and general power as well as landscapes, wildlife, architectural, business and botanical photos, Rhizome Images offers a rare opportunity to access more than 1,500 unique images for use in marketing, business, and fine art projects.

An ideal resource for art directors, designers, and art buyers who want their purchasing power to reflect a more responsible footprint, through Rhizome Images’ Picturesque Forest Project, every image purchased from the collection can support the donation of up to ten trees to the American Forests ReLeaf Fund. In addition to the donation of trees, image purchases donating over 20 trees come with a Responsible Marketing Certificate. Image buyers can also add the Rhizome Images “icon” to their print and web projects, identifying their participation in this sustainable endeavor. In 2008, image buyers were responsible for the planting of more than 300 new trees through the Picturesque Forest Project.

Much of what defines Pennington’s work has to do with how he approaches his subjects. Never content to take the easy route, Pennington has crawled through mud, been chased off public access roads by crazy people, and endured blistering sun to capture his unique collection of images. “Photographing the environment is more than just capturing what the eye sees,” says Pennington. “It’s about capturing the energy of transformation—both positive and negative—that is going on all around us.”

What you get with Rhizome Images:

  • An independent collection of ‘green-themed’ and other business images
  • Royalty-free, rights managed & fine art images
  • Meticulously clean images
  • Images shot with “sweet spots” to allow for text placement
  • A minimum of 5500 x 3500 pixels for high resolution images
  • Full light box, search, comp download & online purchase capabilities
  • Custom licensing & photo shoots, on request
  • Socially responsible purchasing
  • Beautiful photography on a variety of subjects