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Member Profile: PMI

PMI Stanley Cup

At PMI, we design, manufacture and market innovative food and beverage solutions designed for busy lifestyles. Our two most recognizable brands, Stanley and Aladdin, are both nearly 100 years old. By using advanced technologies, materials and research, we’ve extended these beloved brands into the future while remaining rooted in our past.

We’re committed to providing consumers with simple, stylish solutions, and we’re guided by the principles of sustainability, community, teamwork, accountability and integrity. For us, these principles are more than words. They’re the foundation for everything we do.


PMI Product DesignEvery year, we develop nearly 100 new products for our Aladdin and Stanley brands, and we currently hold more than 130 patents. We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere, and ours come from a variety of departments within the company, including Consumer Research, Product Design, R&D/Materials, Manufacturing and Retail Partnerships. The people in these departments are constantly brainstorming and working together to solve everyday problems for our consumers and create innovative products that provide a positive experience and leave a lasting impression.

Our R&D/Materials Department has a few simple goals:

  • Improve our products with fresh ideas based on consumer research and cutting edge technologies.
  • Bring materials and processes into our product development that aren’t being used in our industry.
  • Find materials that are sustainable and meet global safety regulations and are consistent with our Corporate Social Responsibility and Code of Conduct standards.
  • Create awareness about recycled materials and increase the use of recycled and recyclable materials worldwide.

We’re headquartered in Seattle, but we reach well beyond to collaborate with scientists, engineers and technology experts in the areas of electronics, insulation and heat transfer, material science and sustainability.

PMI e-cycle logoRecently, we co-developed eCycle, a plastic material of food grade quality made from 100 percent recycled materials with 25 percent post-consumer content. It’s strong enough to be re-used for decades, but, if it ever does need to be disposed of, it’s recyclable wherever [5] plastic is collected.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At the heart of PMI’s success is our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR has been an integral part of our business plan since we opened our doors in 1983 and a reason for our company’s long-term success. CSR guides our decisions at every point in the supply chain and is made up of several specific business practices:

  • Corporate philanthropy
  • Maintaining an ethical supply chain
  • Ensuring the health and safety of workers
  • Strengthening internal policies on labor rights
  • Employee volunteer programs
  • Professional development of all employees
  • Factory continuous improvement programs
  • Development of sustainable product

PMI approaches Corporate Social Responsibility with the same entrepreneurial spirit that we bring to all of our work. For us, CSR is challenging, exciting and rewarding, and we’re as innovative with our CSR projects as we are with our products.