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Member Profile: Pangeality Productions

Len Davis

Len Davis

A long time ago, I embraced the advice to find something that I love and then find a way to make a living doing that. This is what I have done.  I’ve taken the creativity of filmmaking and photography, my commitment to social justice and environmental issues and working toward a better world, and my desire to be an entrepreneur, and created Pangeality Productions.

Being an entrepreneur, I always intended my business to commit energy toward making the world a better place, and that has taken shape in many ways with Pangeality Productions.  Simply holding those values is an important start, but I wanted my business to put those values to work, contributing and helping to move humanity in a healthier direction, including the way we do business. It is my belief that having a better understanding of the impact our lifestyles and consumer choices have on the environment and other human beings, the greater the impact our choices make, and that is where video is used as an essential tool of business.

First, I prefer to work with clients who share some of those same values, which includes green businesses in thought as well as in product, nonprofit organizations, and entities that see their endeavors as directly engaged in the many complex issues and challenges we face.

Second, I produce media about issues that concern me, both in my personal as well as professional work.  I have worked on projects that deal with Organic Agriculture, Sustainable Energy, Affordable Housing, Immigration, The Illegal Electronic Waste Trade, Species Extinction, The Drug War, Peak Oil, Natural Building, Indigenous Rights, and Global Fair Trade Issues.

Third, I offer my time and skills to various organizations in support of the work that they are doing.  In recent years, Pangeality Productions has steadily donated or offered at a reduced rate video production services to help organizations raise money, promote events, reach out to their members and recipients, and share with the world who they are and the work they are doing.

Pangeality Productions

How We Are Different:

In a traditional video produced for business, one story is created for one audience to be viewed in one venue. Pangeality Productions is different because we produce multiple pieces that vary by perspective, by goal, and by length. They are intended for multiple audiences, in unlimited venues, and are delivered in multiple formats so that you can share the pieces online, in store, at trade shows, on mobile devices, and so much more.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • more value for your marketing dollar,
  • more exposure for your time and effort,
  • reaching customers in more meaningful ways.

Potential videos include:

  • The story behind your company
  • Facility Tours that showcase elements of your production
  • Staff introductions
  • Client testimonials and much more

We invite you to learn more about our approach by visiting our website and to engage us in considering how we can meet your video production needs with creativity and joy, and to laugh and learn in the process.