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Member Profile: Lacy & Par

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Lacy & Par is a locally-owned, mail and print service company, offering services in everything from traditional and digital format printing, to marketing and data management assistance, to direct mail design and fulfillment.


One does not usually think of printed content and direct mail as the cutting edge of marketing technology, especially in the age of social media and online advertising. However, Hsiao-Wen Lin, owner of Lacy & Par, makes a compelling case.

Social media communication, he says, is becoming increasingly insular—when we interact with others, it is generally only with people who already are located within our social network. Direct mail, on the other hand, offers an effective way for companies to reach people outside of their already established customer base. Lacy & Par helps their customers save resources and money, by working with them to select and build customized mailing lists that more effectively meet their marketing objectives. Their services also include managing their clients’ mailing lists and running them through a checking program that weeds out incorrect addresses and duplicates. Furthermore, direct mail is still a critical tool for governmental agencies, utility companies, health institutions and other organizations who need to be able to communicate important information so that it reaches all segments of the public including those who do not have or use e-mail.

Hsiao-Wen LinThroughout the process of equipping its customers with high-quality products and services that ensure a successful marketing experience, Lacy & Par is intentional about how it uses resources and energy. For Hsiao-Wen, “Being responsible in an industry that uses paper products as its primary resource makes it doubly important to make the right decisions.” Excitingly, the company recently received FSC Chain of Custody Certification, meaning that they exclusively use paper products that have been sourced from sustainably managed forests for all of their printing. They also work with toxin-free vegetable-based inks, produced from materials such as soybeans and linseed oil, and all of their newly acquired equipment is EnergyStar-certified for energy efficiency.

Additionally, Lacy & Par is deeply committed to its community and the people it employs. This is particularly evidenced by its impressively high worker retention rate with several employees possessing tenures of over 10 years. To Lacy & Par, it is all about providing excellent and responsible service to their community that goes above and beyond the industry standard.Lacy and Par logo


For more information about Lacy & Par, visit their website at www.lacypar.com.