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Member Profile: Glassworks

Architectural Art Glass

Luminescent, starfire counter with hand-polished edges

Glassworks combines the translucent properties of glass, the energy of design, and the focus of purpose to create one-of-a kind architectural works-of-art for commercial and residential settings. Glassworks transforms the visions of architects and designers into technically sound art installations that surround the senses and invite the eye to linger and enjoy.

Behind the glass is founder Steve Shahbaghlian who started the company thirty-five years ago. A self-taught artist and craftsman, Shahbaghlian’s innovative work immediately caught the attention of architects and designers. In 1990 Tish Oye purchased Glassworks, integrating her skills as an M.B.A. with her deep love of glass. Oye works directly with Shahbaghlian to expand the company’s artistic reach and business dimensions. Under her savvy eye, Glassworks has kept pace with contemporary design trends and continues to create innovative structures and visual key points for a myriad of commercial and residential projects.

Principal Tish Oye

Principal Tish Oye leans on a cast glass bar designed and fabricated for a local condominium penthouse.

Determined to make the company and their fabricating process more sustainable, Tish and Steve are deeply committed to greener building practices. The company’s beautiful new series of recycled glass countertops are made from pre-consumer recycled shower doors. The panels range in size up to twelve feet and, depending on their use, can be up to 2” thick. The recycling project was born from a unique arrangement with one of the nation’s premier glass shower door fabricators. “As part of their quality control process, the company used to send any doors identified with scratches or small dings to the landfill,” explains Glassworks owner, Tish Oye. “Under our new program, they ship the doors directly to Glassworks.”

Glassworks also heats their cutting and polishing rooms with heat generated by the kilns they use. Oye’s perspective is that it’s about the little things smaller companies can do to lower their carbon footprint and be a good neighbor at the same time. Tish has even gone so far as to get herself accredited as a LEED AP. A feat normally reserved for architects and designers.

Slumped water countertop with fire polish

Slumped "water glass" is made of 100% pre-consumer glass.

To see how style and sustainability work together in perfect harmony, check out the company’s website at: