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Member Profile: Compensation Venture Group


Compensation Venture Group (CVG) helps companies recruit and engage the talent they need to execute on their purpose and mission through the design and implementation of employee compensation programs. We design salary, cash incentive, equity, and other compensation programs that support company culture, strategy, and objectives.

The unique strategic, financial, and governance characteristics of impact organizations requires a fresh approach to compensation, benefits, and other conditions of engagement such as paid time off. Current marketplace norms, which have not served traditional companies well, are a complete mismatch for impact organizations.  CVG has a track record of developing innovative pay programs in unique company environments that support business success for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. We created the framework of Conscious Compensation®, supporting the principles of Conscious Capitalism, for evaluating and designing appropriate ways to pay workers in sustainable organizations.

CVG is an investor in Fledge LLC, the conscious company incubator; RealizeImpact, a not-for-profit investment fund dedicated to impact companies; and a founder of Global Equity Organization, a global nonprofit association devoted to the needs of equity compensation professionals who design and administer employee ownership programs.

FredWhittleseyCVG became a Social Purpose Corporation, a Certified B Corporation, and a mission-driven compensation consulting practice in 2013 because the founder, Fred Whittlesey, believes that the principles of sustainability are critical to rescuing the global economy from the current failing version of capitalism that is focused on short-term results and primarily rewards only two groups of stakeholders:  shareholders, and executives.


What We Are Doing

Compensation Venture Group’s mission is to spearhead a fundamental restructuring of employee compensation to support a multi-stakeholder focus on business success – Conscious Compensation®.  Compensation and benefits expenses are the largest category of business expenses in the service-oriented economy and work consumes the majority of adults’ waking hours. This collective investment of money and time should yield a winning environment for all yet the winning group has continually narrowed over past decades.

CVG’s Conscious Compensation® model supports a multi-stakeholder view of value creation. The multi-stakeholder model of sharing economic benefits will shift the focus from short-term profit, stock price and top-heavy distribution of pay to a longer-term measurement and distribution of value among all stakeholders.

CVG-3This change is easiest to effect in startup companies, which is why CVG is investing in and mentoring conscious startups.  In larger companies, the inertia of culture, programs, and practices requires more education and transition considerations, but immediate changes can be made to existing programs through changes in performance measurement, pay delivery, and communication.

By working from both ends of the spectrum – the startups that will be tomorrow’s significant employers and the large companies that must change their focus to survive – CVG can change the work experience of employees, continue to satisfy shareholders, and balance the distribution of value among other stakeholders – lenders and debtholders, customers, suppliers, community members near and far, and government.  The optimization of mutual value creation will spill over to society’s institutions – schools, social support systems, infrastructure, healthcare, and others.

For more information about Compensation Venture Group, visit their website at www.compensationventuregroup.com.