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Member Profile: Ingenium

Ingenium believes and has proven that IngeniumLogo_wTaghandling regulated waste in a manner that is environmentally sustainable is not just forward thinking; it makes good business sense as well. It’s that combination of practicality and vision that Ingenium brings to every client we serve. Our innovative approach is changing the dialogue on how hazardous, biological and radiological waste is handled. It goes far beyond disposal or incineration, all with processes that reduce cost, risk and liability.


Corey Johnson, Director, Pacific Northwest

We start every relationship with a vision of becoming a partner with our clients in environmental management issues. Our clients value that perspective in business, and it has helped us become one of the most trusted companies in our service sector. That philosophy has real and significant effects on budgets. For one example, Ingenium completed a project that resulted in over $300,000 annual savings to a client, and also resulted in the recapture of significant revenues by identifying recoverable value in what was once managed as hazardous waste. That’s only one example of the benefits of our partnership philosophy.

Ingenium personnel are fully versed in the most up-to-date regulations governing health, safety and

compliance of workers and facilities. This working knowledge helps our clients avoid risk with both waste materials, and non-compliance with government regulations. However, Ingenium’s services reach further than regulatory management into a business partnership.

When the Ingenium team starts working with you, we automatically do a Needs Analysis. This includes both an upstream and downstream process review with an eye towards creating greater operating efficiencies. We work with you to understand how, and why waste is produced and then, using our experience, recommend where less can be produced or it can stop being produced all together. This Needs Analysis is conducted on an ongoing basis by our highly trained personnel as a complementary adjunct to all our other services.Washington building

Our goal is to do much more than provide a disposal or even recycling service to our clients. Ingenium is committed to a partnership with our clients in environmental management issues, working together to increase sustainability and reduce cost, and recapture capital in every possible area. If you have sustainability goals, Ingenium can help you meet and exceed those goals in ways you might not even know are possible. Step into the future of waste management: It’s Pure Ingenium.  For more information please contact Ingenium at http://pureingenium.com/contact/