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FMD™: A Defining Step on the Pathway to Safer Products

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June 7, 2016
11:00 – 12:00 PM (PST)

Northwest Green Chemistry and the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) are excited to co-host a webinar focused on disclosure, assessment and optimization of chemicals, materials and products. For manufacturers and suppliers, understanding what chemicals are being used in your supply chain is a critical first step to achieving safer products and processes. This is accomplished by defining the full ingredients list, including inadvertent contaminants, and assessing all ingredients for chemical hazards. From this foundation, businesses will be prepared for diverse sustainable practices, including meeting internal policies, informing decision-making for product design and development, qualifying for a range of standards and ecolabels, and meeting new and evolving procurement requirements in multiple global sectors. Click HERE to learn more.


Edward Pavia, Taxservices


Edward Pavia

James Connelly, International Living Future Institute

James Connelly

Edward Pavia will walk the audience through each step of ToxServices’ Full Materials Disclosure™ (FMD™) program, a streamlined and cost-effective approach for chemical hazard assessment and product optimization. Learn about the resources used, how to interpret the results and the diverse ways that this program can and is being used by leadership companies.

James Connelly from ILFI will then provide examples of how FMD™ results can be applied to both the Living Product Challenge and DECLARE Using FMD for Living Product Challenge and DECLARE is an example of how existing tools and resources can be leveraged for use in product development and ecolabels and standards that lead to marketing advantages.

This webinar is appropriate for professionals working in manufacturing, supply chain management, materials securement & procurement, regulatory affairs, and product & process design; and especially those interested in products used in the building sector.