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Emerald Services

Emerald Services NW is a family-owned, 400-employee enterprise with roots in the waste management business going back to 1938. Emerald Services is Washington’s leading one-stop recycling and environmental services provider for manufacturers, transportation-related companies, the military, ship builders, and more. We continue to introduce innovative technologies for a greener tomorrow. Our mission is to create a sustainable business to re-use or re-manufacture the products we collect.

Emerald Services is the founder of Cedar Grove Composting, the Pacific Northwest’s leading organic recycling company. Cedar Grove transforms grass, leaves, yard trimmings, food waste and wood waste into the finest nutrient-rich compost. From a humble beginning, Cedar Grove has developed a full line of healthy soils with a loyal following and has grown to become the largest single dedicated yard waste composting facility in the United States.

www.emeraldnw.com   www.cedar-grove.com