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E3 Energy Partners

E3 Energy PartnersE3 Energy Partners™ is a global leader in chemical engineering, process scale-up, detailed design and project oversight for renewable energy solutions rising from plentiful, non-food chain natural resources. Headquartered in Seattle, WA, the company has over 25 years experience designing, and managing energy related projects for petrochemical, pulp & paper, food processing and biofuel clients worldwide. The company partners with project developers, industrial companies and renewable energy technology providers around the world to create, scale-up and deploy new energy technologies and turn-key facilities serving energy needs of the 21st century. Current biomass to energy projects include next generation biodiesel from waste oils and fats up to 100% FFA; cellulosic ethanol from agricultural, forest and timber waste; and biogas from municipal green waste, food processing waste and byproduct streams from ethanol and biodiesel facilities. The firm is a member of By-Product Synergy NW; Rich Bacigalupi serves on the project Steering Committee.