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Doing Well by Doing Good

The Core of Profitable Sustainability: The Future of Business Conference

By Karl Ostrom and Mary Rose, NBIS/Future 500

The key to successful business strategy includes answering the challenge to extend corporate citizenship beyond charitable giving, and to embody concern for public good within the design of products and services – “Doing well by doing good.” This new standard is, in part, a matter of self-enlightenment – we all need clean water, air, and the security of a global society that is not divided into “haves and have-nots.” But this elevated concept of corporate citizenship is also becoming a business requirement for success in the marketplace.
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Detroit Navigates a Changing World

Photos and story by Robert J. Pennington
Edited by Clifford Guren

This year’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) provided more insight into how Detroit hopes to navigate the sharp curves of the rapidly evolving auto industry. The economic downturn and global climate change have created a perfect storm for the automotive industry. Government and consumers alike are calling for a significant change in direction. Detroit has finally embraced the electric vehicle (EV) as its flagship in its turnaround campaign. EVs have come to the forefront because of their ability to make a positive impact on critical issues like the environment and foreign energy dependence. In previous NAIAS shows EVs were sidebars or part of the general green-washing of the auto industry. In 2009 EV’s are the crown jewels of the show.
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The Color of Tomorrow’s Money

The road to green business practices becomes a path to profits

By Dean Patton
Port of Seattle
A group of employees of Pacific Market International decided it was time for their Seattle-based company to become as “green” a company as it
could be. They went to their CEO and put it to him straight: “We think this
is important,” they said.

And so did their CEO, Rob Harris, who charged them with figuring out how
do to it and coming up with a plan.
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3 Urban Sites in State Certified Salmon-Safe

By Katie Zemtseff, Daily Journal Staff Reporter for Daily Journal of Commerce

Port of Seattle
Three sites are the first urban areas in Washington to be certified as being safe for salmon, and more are likely to follow, including large residential developments and golf courses.

Parks built by the Port of Seattle, the Washington State Department of Ecology campus in Lacey, and the campus of the University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia Community College have been certified by Salmon-Safe, a Portland-based nonprofit that focuses on restoring salmon habitat in agricultural and urban watersheds.

The program looks at land management practices, irrigation, pest control and environmental management on each site.
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