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Profitable Sustainability

Sustainability Leadership, Strategic Development, and Best Practices for Northwest Companies and Organizations

Since its founding in 2003, NBIS has provided regional leadership, professional development programs and a cross-sector collaborative community to advance sustainability through the business sector.  NBIS’ programs offer meaningful, strategic tools and opportunities for companies to broaden their impact, deepen their mission and build long term success.

NBIS convenes a diverse membership that spans industries and supports and highlights innovative companies and best practices. NBIS members are passionate, dedicated people with much talent to be shared. By providing a hub for this talent, we create valuable links between companies and the technical assistance and expertise they need to strengthen their leadership and impact.  Members include individuals and businesses, academic institutions and government agencies.

Our Values

  • Cultivate best practices and innovation to position business members and clients to achieve success in the changing global marketplace and within the context of engagement with local economies and ecosystems.
  • Collaborate with internal staff and teams to maximize capacity and leadership for successful change management that will enhance profitability for the company and its stakeholders, generate social benefits and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Convene talented people and provide supportive environments for peer learning and professional development.
  • Link the resources of higher education with business through interdisciplinary action learning and research opportunities.
  • Coordinate multidisciplinary educational and consultative resources to support leaders in industry and organizations.

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