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Raising 2030 IQ“We’ve reached a tipping point. Our planet and our society are at risk. Business has a historic opportunity and a responsibility to lead the world down a more just, rich, and sustainable path—one that creates more value for companies, communities, and countries. — Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever


The Breakthrough Sustainability Seminars address key questions business leaders face in anticipating and managing the challenges of climate change and related social and economic disruption: What are meaningful targets and how do we operationalize them in our companies? How do we know if we are making a difference? How do we document our impacts and engage and empower others? How do we ensure positive customer and stakeholder relationships?

Tacoma RoundtableCompanies around the world are developing innovative answers to these questions. They are addressing instability and uncertainty while crafting profitable and impactful strategies. In this series, NBIS brings together the best in thought and practice leadership to engage participants in critical learning and in probing practical application strategies. The four-part series is relevant to professionals at all levels of management and leadership as these frameworks, opportunities and management resources are the milestones on the pathway for a more sustainable future. (more…)

New Challenges Reshaping Corporate Social Responsibility

nbis-new-challenges-wpBusiness has the capacity, innovation and duty to carve a new path toward sustainability, says Karl Ostrom, PhD, in his latest white paper titled New Challenges Reshaping Corporate Social Responsibility. The co-founder and co-executive director of the Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability (NBIS) released his paper today at the 2014 GoGreen Seattle Conference.

“As usual, NBIS is pushing us all to the next level on our sustainability journeys with this new white paper,” said Toronto-based author and speaker Bob Willard of Sustainability Advantage. “Karl defines how companies can respond to the sustainability imperative and position themselves to thrive on a finite, crowded, resource-constrained, climate-destabilized planet. We urgently need new visionary benchmarks of environmentally and socially responsible business performance, and NBIS is helping to define them. Thanks, NBIS!” (more…)

Seminar 1: Thriving in a Low Carbon Economy

Why bold, low carbon action makes good business sense

Raising 2030 IQBusinesses can thrive in a low carbon economy! Companies around the world are anticipating and managing the challenges of climate change and related social and economic while crafting profitable and impactful strategies. In this seminar, NBIS brings together innovative strategies and case examples to engage participants in critical learning and in probing practical applications appropriate to their companies and organizations.

The seminar introduces the themes and tools of “Future-Fit” companies:

  • New models and frameworks for evaluating their company’s profitability within the context of its contributions to society and the environment.
  • How to use science-based goals and milestones to recalibrate sustainability performance
  • How leading companies are achieving growth while reducing GHG emissions
  • The business benefits from implementing a low-carbon pathway

Each workshop will be structured to include:

  • Critical information through expert presentations & readings,
  • Practicum discussions of challenges and successful strategies from companies with which they are familiar and/or case studies,
  • Opportunities to address barriers and imagine bold breakthroughs in business practices for accelerated sustainability.

Seminar Presenters:

Karl OstromKarl Ostrom, PhD, Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability

Karl is the Co-Founder of the Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability. NBIS is a solution-oriented network that drives sustainability by defining and supporting the transformation of business and its leadership. NBIS’ programs and events feature leading edge practices and applications that ensure long-term economic, environmental and economic health. Karl has taught in adjunct and guest faculty roles at Seattle University, Argosy University and the Leadership Institute of Seattle and has published several white papers, including “New Challenges Reshaping Corporate Social Responsibility.”

Mark-HowerMark Hower, PhD, Antioch University

Mark is a core faculty member in Antioch University Seattle’s Graduate Programs and Chair of the Masters of Science in Management and Leadership program (MSML). His teaching focus includes transformative leadership, global pluralism, systemic thinking and methods of sustainable change. Mark is Vice Chairman of NBIS’ Board of Directors.


Event Details:

Date: September 30, 2015
Time: 1:00 – 5:00 pm
Location: Antioch University, Room 100, 2326 6th Avenue, Seattle WA (more…)

B Corporations, Benefit and Social Purpose Corporations: Impact-Driven Companies

Download our white paper

An NBIS White Paper

Business has a demonstrated power to deliver results. However, too often these results are biased toward the benefit of shareholders and at odds with what makes our society a better place. A new type of corporation with a formalized purpose that includes generating positive impact for society in its core was needed.

Launching a new era of sustainable business, certified B Corporations and legal entities such as Benefit Corporations and Social Purpose Corporations combine business success with social and environmental responsibility and public accountability. As their number, diversity and impact increase, these companies are demonstrating the creativity and innovation that sustainable businesses can bring to our economy. (more…)

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NBIS, the Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability is the northwest nonprofit that delivers expertise, education, and networking opportunities to business professionals who are leading their companies and communities toward profitable sustainability. NBIS members are companies, organizations and individuals committed to aligning their business practices with the values that sustain prosperous companies, thriving ecosystems and valued quality of life.

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