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Adaptive Leadership: Business Management for Resilience in a Complex World

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btn_registerWhen: June 28, 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Where: Skanska USA, 221 Yale Ave N, Ste 400,  Seattle, WA
Cost: $65 for NBIS Members, $85 for non-members.
(Breakfast and refreshments included.)
Register at: http://adaptive-leadership.eventbrite.com/

Companies worldwide are recognizing the need to manage risks and achieve sustainable growth in the face of increasing environmental and social disruptions.

Join NBIS for our latest Breakthrough Sustainability Seminar, which covers how a systems-focused management framework will help your company achieve business advantage and transformative impact. Learn how companies like Nike and Skanska are reaping the benefits of moving away from compartmentalized thinking towards sustainability. Case presenters will share how and why they are embracing a holistic, integrated management model to reevaluate their role in the value chain, stimulate innovation and develop shared-value projects with stakeholders.


New Challenges Reshaping Corporate Social Responsibility

nbis-new-challenges-wpBusiness has the capacity, innovation and duty to carve a new path toward sustainability, says Karl Ostrom, PhD, in his latest white paper titled New Challenges Reshaping Corporate Social Responsibility. The co-founder and co-executive director of the Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability (NBIS) released his paper today at the 2014 GoGreen Seattle Conference.

“As usual, NBIS is pushing us all to the next level on our sustainability journeys with this new white paper,” said Toronto-based author and speaker Bob Willard of Sustainability Advantage. “Karl defines how companies can respond to the sustainability imperative and position themselves to thrive on a finite, crowded, resource-constrained, climate-destabilized planet. We urgently need new visionary benchmarks of environmentally and socially responsible business performance, and NBIS is helping to define them. Thanks, NBIS!” (more…)

About NBIS

NBIS, the Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability is the northwest nonprofit that delivers expertise, education, and networking opportunities to business professionals who are leading their companies and communities toward profitable sustainability. NBIS members are companies, organizations and individuals committed to aligning their business practices with the values that sustain prosperous companies, thriving ecosystems and valued quality of life.

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